“Klopp a baw hair away from calling them Sevco”

Image for “Klopp a baw hair away from calling them Sevco”

The Rangers FC formerly known as Sevco Scotland were created in 2012, in other news bear takes a dump in the woods and the pope is seen in a big hat with rumours persisting that he is still Catholic.

Others choose not to understand simple facts, this doesn’t seem to extend to Jurgen Klopp who may well have just joined eggs Benedict and Peperami on the banned list at Ibrox.

The comments on this thread are hilarious, the People are scrambling to make things up as is their penchant, the denial is delicious, jump on this thread and add your own message.

Celts were on hand to have a giggle.

Never forget to remind them, they died. If you need further proof go to Companies House by clicking this link and you will find the following, check the bottom if you didn’t know what Jurgen clearly does.

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