Kris Boyd lambastes skint Sevco

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I have a hard time agreeing with most things Kris Boyd says but credit where it is due, he is given the Newco both barrels in a barrage of their cheap transfer policy.

As reported in the DR Boyd let loose at the team playing at Ibrox after they bid a mere 350k for Jordan Jones:

“It pretty much sums it up as there’s a common theme the whole time. There’s one club unsettling everybody. If they want players then pay the money and come and take them.

“There’s no point in dropping phone calls in here saying they want to this or that. If you want something you go and get it.

“We all know how football works. If a deal has been agreed and Jordan is happy with it, then go and pay the price to the football club.

“Jamie Walker was the exact same. There’s a list, we could go on and on.

There’s calls been made and nothing has been backed up to do something about it. Pay the money and take the players if you want them. It’s easy to unsettle players now.

“This club is not in a position where it needs to sell and certainly won’t give away one of its assets for next to nothing.

“If Rangers want Jordan they’ll need to pay the money.

“He’s an asset to us and a crucial part of what we are doing going forward with his pace in the final third.

“We’re not just talking about a Kilmarnock youngster. We are talking about a Northern Ireland international and we know the going rate for international players.”

“That’s not the case any more. The club is structured and run properly from the top down, which is a credit to the hard work being done behind the scenes.

“Kilmarnock won’t change as a club, they will bring youngsters through and give them an opportunity. Jordan came in but the club gave him a platform to showcase his skill.

“There will come a day when Jordan Jones will leave the club. We aren’t stupid.

“But the value has to be met. He’s performing at higher level than the value of the bid.

“Whether it’s Rangers or whoever want him, they’ll need to meet his value. Kilmarnock are not in a position to be bullied any more.

“Jordan is an asset to us and he could be the difference between us finishing in the bottom or top six.”

Hard to disagree with Kris Boyd for once!

At the end of the day the revered institution isn’t what it used to be.

Having played for both Ibrox teams, maybe Boyd is finally working out that the club playing at Ibrox doesn’t resemble the team who regularly listened to Tina Turner when he played there all those years ago.