Kris Boyd’s nonsense called out as Sevco lose

Image for Kris Boyd’s nonsense called out as Sevco lose

Well if I am not the only one throwing themselves around the place then sorry! But I tell you this, I have always been a St. Pauli fan in Germany but sorry, I am Eintracht all the way after this.

So we heard that Arron Ramsey was the best signing since Tore Andre Flo or Gazza or someone else who killed the Oldco.

Celts and others are loving their pain, enjoy it below.

As things stand, Sevco have lost the League Cup, The Premiership, 2 European competitions and are now up against Hearts for a consolation prize.

If they lose this, they will know how we felt in 2003.

Sure it is a different club now, but wow I am hoping the fans get a taste of pain I felt 19 years ago.


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