Kris Commons, a man whose highlight’s reel is a thing of pure joy for me to watch has again spat on his reputation by piling pressure on Celtic ahead of the Glasgow derby.

We have become accustomed to his bitterness since leaving Celtic but with the 10 on the line he has come out in his Daily Mail column to put pressure on Neil Lennon’s team.

“It’s a must-win game for Celtic, so I’ve heard it suggested that Rangers might look to play it almost as a European game and play largely on the counter. They’ve perfected that system in the Europa League over the past couple of seasons, but I don’t see them playing it cagey like that.

“I believe Steven Gerrard will want his players to make a statement. They will see it as an opportunity to bury their rivals once and for all this season and put the final nail in the coffin. They will want to rub Celtic’s nose in it and kill off any lingering chance of a title race. For Lennon and his players, they need to relish that challenge and defy the odds.”

“Their best form of defence will be to go on the attack. Even against a Rangers team with a miserly defence, their best chance of getting a result will be to try and go at it all guns blazing.

“They need to be brave. Why?

“Because they simply have no alternative. A draw is no use whatsoever to Celtic. This is a game they simply must win if they are to resurrect their title challenge.

“At the home of their greatest rivals, Celtic will know it’s win or bust when they travel to fortress Ibrox next Saturday at lunchtime.

“I fully expect Edouard and Griffiths to play together up front. So the real question is how Celtic will shape up defensively.”

Talking about rubbing our noses in it and killing off our title chances in January is petty when coming from a former Celt, we would expect it from BFDJ or Kris Boyd, unfortunately it isn’t a surprise hearing it from Kris Commons.

When Celtic goes to “Fortress Ibrox” we will certainly need to be brave, hopefully the Bhoys can shut up the doubters and pile the pressure on a team managed by a serial choker.

If we do win don’t expect to see Kris write that in his column any time soon.