League restructure forgotten after Sevco’s promotion

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Last July Neil Doncaster’s repeatedly championed League Restructuring, including here in the Herald: Neil Doncaster suggests SPFL restructure may be only way forward Now certain ‘Writers’ from the Evening Times went as far as to say that the entire system needed to be changed, as other clubs couldn’t bare Rangers* being down anymore. The panic was real as the Magic Hat wobbled against part timers.

Luckily Rangers* didn’t have to change the rules to get themselves promoted, Scottish Football would have been made a mockery of internationally, more so than usual. Now that Sevco is promoted the talk about League restructuring has vanished. Funny thing that. But the same ideas that were preached to us over and over again, about expansion for the good of the game are still valid points. Why not expand and keep Dundee United up in the process?

How about a proposal for reconstruction like this:


  • No relegation from the Premiership this 2015/2016
  • Sevco receive automatic promotion as Champions of Championship
  • Winner of Falkirk vs Hibernian is promoted as Team 14.


  • No relegation 2015/2016
  • 8 remaining teams are joined by top 6 of League 1 to form a 14 team Championship

League 1

  • No relegation 2015/2016
  • 4 remaining teams are joined by all 10 teams who are promoted from League 2

League 2

  • Would cease to exist after restucture
  • Promotional playoffs with Highland and Lowland Leagues moves up to League 1.

In this proposal, all teams would play each other home and away, meaning 26 matches initially. The league would then split into 2 groups of 7. Those teams would play home and away meaning 12 games for a total of 38. This system gives both teams equal chances instead of contrived draws that always had the Oldco with an extra home game or the last derby. At the same time every team would have 2 byes allocated due to the uneven teams. This would allow players a rest while still maintaining a full fixture list.

By making the League split both Home and Away it is the most equitable system. It gives the managers months to plot their runs with equal games home and away instead of 5 games in 4 weeks where you might be on the road 3 times.

Also, It would keep Dundee United in the Premiership. They have had a hard run and to take the Evening Times reasoning, we should just change the entire system so they stay in the Premiership ‘Back where they belong’. It would be funny if Hibs popped up at the same time and the rule change allowed 2 clubs with predominantly Catholic followings to play vs Sevco next term.

For this reason there is more talk about the Offshore report or Resolution 12 in the SMSM about something it once championed with such ferocity for the good of The Ranjuurs. Now that there team is up they wont write a paragraph that could help Dundee United. The twist in the case however could be Killie, they are Sevco loyalists and have been since the Sporting Integrity votes.

If they go down then maybe the SFA will look to implement some of Falkirk chairman Doug Henderson’s ideas about expansion.  If however Falkirk prevail in the playoffs i would suggest he may grow quieter having got what he wanted, should they be knocked out lets hope he puts the motions forward to expand the League.

Sevco are going to come back into the Premiership boardroom and start their bully tactics and same old rangers guff from the first meeting. We would be better advised having some clubs who don’t pander to the deluded. League restructuring could get 2 like minded clubs into the voting processes next year, when Dave King’s Sevco will bitch whinge, whine, lie, distort, cheat and coerce at every opportunity.

The idea of Sevco beating a team in Green truly infuriates me, so i will be cheering the Hibees on this month. If Hibs can beat Sevco in the Scottish Cup Final, they can forever tell the Shame: “We waited 100 years to play a team as shit as yours.”