Lee Wallace winner of every Scottish trophy bar Premiership, League + Scottish Cup

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Lee Wallace will long be remembered as the man who destroyed his career to play at a “Big club”, his bust up and impending suspension will bring to an end his pretensions to win anything in the top flight.

In 2011 Hearts slapped a 3 million pound price tag on an up and coming player who had suitors in the English Premiership and it seemed the world at his feet.

Instead of testing himself and continuing on an upward gradient he plunged to the depths of Scottish Football for what was expected to be 3 years away, it was of course 4.

The rise of Kieran Tierney at this time just a boy in his left back position caused a war of words between Celtic and Sevco in what truly was part of the Banter years.

The best left back in Scotland, of course, is Celtic through and through!

As Scotland, England and Europe have taken note of the meteoric rise of Kieran, the West of Scotland has looked at the demise of a man whose name will forever go down as a grass.

By playing in the lower competitions Wallace picked up all the trophies Tierney will never play for, the old 3rd Division, League 1 and the Petrofac Cup and finally the Championship.

Whilst playing in the top flight Tierney has won all the trophies Wallace will never win, the Premiership, League Cup and Scottish Cup.

It is a tale of 2 careers, one of a young lad who has consistently played against older, stronger and in Europe it must be said better opposition.

This has steeled him into one of the finest talents in Europe let alone Scotland.

The other is a man who threw his career away to play in front of 50,000 people and subsequently found his own level plummet to the standard of the part-timers and semi-professionals he found hard to eclipse on the journey of the Newco.

Lee Wallace may “Get it” but he will get little else, he will be an example of what not to do when deciding on who to play for.