Lennon and Hooper at Paradise chasing the IX

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Super duper Gary Hooper has been released by Sheffield Wednesday and is a free agent, a move back to Celtic would not be popular with many fans who don’t like the idea of second chances, but a proven SPL goalscorer is too good to pass up.

Shoud Neil Lennon get the job next year the odds on Hooperman coming back would be slashed, the two were an amazing duo last time around.

Looking forward we have Edouard who plays deep and likes to attack from the left, Griffiths who also likes to drop into midfield more on the right and Bayo who looks an out and out target man as our current forward options.

If we were to add a poacher of the ilk of Gary Hooper to the current 3 strikers on our books we would have a group of forwards who can pay right across the forward line.

This season we watched Jamesy, KT and Sinclair whip hundreds of balls into the box with no one there to profit from it.

Imagine Gary Hooper in the box, he has that poachers instinct where he knows where the ball is coming, he endlessly pops up in space or is first to a ball and takes his shots early.

God knows we are not going to spend on a striker of our dreams, so why not one that at 31 still has a lot to offer the Football Club.

He is outside the business plan inasmuch that there will be no resale, however in a time we are signing Mulumbu i see no problem in that, as for him coming back after having left he was told he needed to pay in England to play for their national team.

That didn’t work out for him but he tried and you can’t begrudge him that, it wasn’t like he forced a move or left with sour grapes. The club was well compensated and should he come home on a free would represent a good bit of business.

He isn’t in a position to claim major wages and if he does can find a job elsewhere, should he join within our wage structure he will have the chance to win trophies and score goals against an incarnation of an Ibrox team far weaker than the Oldco he loved to skelp.

Maloney came home, Lennon came home, time to bring Hooper back too,