Lennon has earned the job, time to support him or support another club

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There is a fair bit of anxiety among some who cant be pleased with a treble treble, can’t be pleased by a team of players with glowing praise for Neil Lennon and can’t be appeased by promises of money for a major restructure that is coming in the summer.

There are some who expect Lawwell and Desmond to go out and buy players and managers as if they were on their x box playing FIFA, the simple facts are that Neil Lennon earned his job and deserves the right to take it on next season.

I honestly believe that we are going to win the League and qualify for Europe next season, once in the latter i believe we will play pragmatic Football, probably won’t get out of our group but won’t get humped 7-0.

In fairness we all know that European expectations border on delusion, once we unearth a team that is capable of performing in Europe the vultures down south will swoop down and pick the best out of it.

Watch what happens to Ajax this summer, they will lose half of them to the major leagues and their bottomless pits of money.

Lenny himself unearthed Wanyama and Van Dijk and brought Forster from reserve football to beating the Barca, imagine those 3 with Dembele and Armstrong in the current team, then we would be a European power.

Facts are we can’t keep players on our wage limits, that we sell them and replace them is what it is, better than than paying a tenner for a fiver and going under like some deceased clubs.

Let’s be clear, if Celtic fail to make it into Europe and are behind the Shame at the winter break then Lenny may well be sacked and a new direction taken, we can’t give him a year to get it right, we are on the streak of our lives.

But the facts are that he is a renown SPFL manager, he loves the club and also can rebuild a club on very little money for a major return.

I am backing Lenny to get us to 9 and 10, in that effort the last thing he needs is people attacking him as their way wasn’t taken.

We are all Neil Lennon.