Lennon says No Football for 13 weeks, players back at Lennox answers if Eddie will sign on for 10IAR

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Neil Lennon has spoken to BBC Five Live about 3 of the hottest topics for Celtic fans, the return of Football, possible cuts to wages and staff and the hottest topic of all, keeping Edouard in Hoops for what we presume will be a shot at the 10 in a row.

Speaking on BBC Five Live Lennon

When asked about the possibility of cuts at Celtic Lenny replied: “Yes.

“We’ll probably have a look at things at the end of April in terms of the club as a whole.

“Peter [Lawwell] and the board will review it then. At the minute, we are okay.

“For Scottish clubs, this is the time of the year when they are putting out season tickets, but, obviously, the general public are very wary and reluctant to part with their money as they don’t know what they are paying for yet and we still haven’t finished this season yet.

‘We don’t know whether that’s going to happen or not. We need to get a decision sooner rather than later on that.

“There has to be a backstop date at some stage so we can start to plan ahead.

“We’re financially robust, but are still feeling the hit. We’ve been told by the chief medical officer here it’s going to be 12 to 13 weeks in this situation, so it’s really difficult to plan for the future and you have to prepare yourself as best you can for whatever the outcome is going to be.”

On Celtic’s restricted training program Lenny said:

“At the minute, we are trying to find ways of keeping the players stimulated and occupied. We’ve opened the training ground and they come in ones and twos and train out on the grass.

“It’s a closed off area. We’d five in today [Monday] and we’ll have eight in tomorrow [Tuesday], but in groups of two.

“We’re not allowed out on the grass with them and they are, basically, doing their own thing.

“We’re in constant contact with them in terms of how they cope with this.”

The 30 million pound question on everyone’s lips is will Edouard sign a new contract and give himself a shot at immortality at Celtic, or leave for the riches of England or back to his native France.

On Edouard staying another year Lennon said:

“The landscape has changed from where we were a month ago to now. There’s no doubt about that.

“It’s uncertain. Ideally you would like to keep your prized assets for at least another year anyway.

“If the market galvanizes itself again, you could look at it then.

“There’s no question there’s going to be interest in him, but, ideally, we’d like to tie him down to another year on top of what he has already and keep him here.”