Neil Lennon hasn’t done himself any favours since Ferancvaros in truth, after throwing his players under a bus and telling the wantaway stars to just leave, he then kept them, played them in poor formations, threw away the league, held onto his post and then has arguably had a worse time of it either being found drunk in the town or spouting guff in the Times.

Today he went on talk sport and took aim at Steven Gerrard claiming he should have won more trophies in his time at Ibrox in a rant that wreaked of sour grapes.

“Steven maybe hasn’t won as many trophies as he would have liked but he’s done what he has set out to do.

“I think he maybe got a bit longer than some managers would have done.

Speaking about the current recruitment situation at Celtic Lennon put a positive gloss on what looks a catastrophe largely of his making.

“First of all, they’ve got to sort out who wants to stay and who wants to go.

“Obviously there are four or five there who want to move on and then they’ve got to get the recruitment process sorted out as well.

“I think once they get the quality of players in that can be expected to challenge in Scotland, I think they will be alright. 

“I don’t think it will be as bad as everybody is making out.

Neil Lennon will no doubt want to find himself another job, he will be a long way from a managers position for sometime and it may well be we are seeing the next former Celt turned pundit putting his hand up to be the next Commons, Nicholas or Walker.

Heaven help us if so.