Lustig’s time was up years ago, why are we reliving this nightmare over and over again?

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How many second chances can Mikael Lustig get?

How many times will we forgive his glaring inadequacies and culpability for points thrown away through lack of graft or ability?

Lustig is nowhere near the class he once was, Hendry too looks out of his depth but in fairness, he is young and has his career ahead of him, Lustig isn’t going to improve at this stage of his career and must be shown the door.

Lustig’s positional play is atrocious, he is not close enough to mark or stop a cross or shot and not far enough away to affect the play beyond him, he is constantly out of the play in plain view.

In the second half he was extremely lucky not to be penalised for handball with the match hanging in the balance at 1-0 to Celtic, why on earth would you jump with your arm raised?

Celtic fans have been wondering out loud how to fix our defensive woes for some time, the answer it sees is to keep Tierney and start from scratch.

Boyata looks like he will walk for free at the end of the year or for very little come January, it is time for us to give Brendan the money needed to secure a backline which can defend as a unit.

Lustig seems to have kept his place due to his off-field antics more than his on-field actions, he may be a loveable rogue but his performances on the continent have been woeful for some time.

The time we moved on was some time ago, if we are to persevere with Lustig then it is at the jeopardy of having any pretensions in Europe.

Teams sift through hours of video before every game, how long does it take the opposition to work out Tierney is solid and Lustig is not?

Not a lot I bet, if we are to improve, we must cut those who are visibly getting worse in front of our eyes.