Matt McGlone calls out the COVID elephant in the room

Image for Matt McGlone calls out the COVID elephant in the room

Last year we saw a club with very little discipline manage to avoid all traces of COVID 19 and at the same time also manage to escape punishment on the field of play for a spate of serious offences which were not given as red cards but warranted retrospective bans.

When the police themselves caught 5 Covidiots at a house party they managed to escape sanction for 2 months such was the need for Patterson to play for crocked Tavernier.

There was even a farcical appeal to prolong the process, on the other hand a kangaroo court had Bolingoli and Celtic on the gallows within hours of his ill fated Spanish trip and a sanctioned trip to Dubai left our entire first team squad ineligible to play for taking a swim.

Matt McGlone hit the nail on the head when he brought up that the alleged testing carried out last year in East Belfast was far from believable.

It is strange that no names have been mentioned, just that players are self isolating, Celtic should ask for tests on all who play to be carried out as soon as they touch down in Scotland after their Europa League playoff.

It would be wonderful if the tests were not sent to a clinic in the shadow of Black Mountain near the Victoria Wharf as well.

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