McCann the Bhoy that never was can’t stop howling

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The pain in Neil McCann can’t be underrated, after being passed by Celtic and having signed for a team he would have grown up hating, the Oldco player can’t console himself in the shadow of his childhood idols.

Attacking Celtic has always been a past time of McCann, but he has taken a new slant by attacking the opposition for not playing well enough against us.

Of course, there would be no compliments for Neil Lennon or Celtic for playing a combative 90 minutes which secured a priceless point away, instead, we are hearing of his misery at Celtic beginning well on the continent.

Neil Lennon has an amazing opportunity at Celtic this time around, not just is the 9 and 10 on offer but also the destruction of the superiority complex that afflicts the deluded is on the table, they won’t come back from losing 10 straight.

Their pain and fear is becoming clearer by the day.