McInnes is in Rodgers pocket, give him the Sevco job

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The deluded continue to amaze, no sooner have they lost a manager they have a short list of names such as Allardyce, Koeman, Ancelotti, Gatusso, De Boer and Aberdeen gaffer Derek McInnes.

Rodgers will make any and all of them look stupid and I believe they know it to be true.

If you are looking to resurrect your managerial career then Ibrox isn’t the place to do it.

The “Big Club” as they like to think of themselves demands silverware, it demands superiority, it allows no time for failure.

What all the names before McInnes have in common is that they haven’t been in a two horse race against Brendan.

It is one thing to be in the English Premiership with multiple contenders, it is another thing to be in Scotland in a tussle between Celtic and Them.

If McInnes takes up the role at the Newco he will be going to a bigger stadium full of higher expectation, he won’t be getting anything else.

He will be inheriting a squad in far worse condition than his current one at Aberdeen, he will also be bent over a barrel by Stewart Milne if he wants to bring some of his Aberdeen players with him.

If McInnes goes to Aberdeens hated rivals, it will torpedo Aberdeens season and assure 7 in a row also.

McInnes record against Brendan is 7 and 0.

He has lost 2 cup finals to Brendan Rodgers on the back of 5 defeats in the Premiership, the last of those a comprehensive display on Wednesday at Pittodrie.

Brendan has McInnes in his pocket, by giving him a worse squad in a more dilapidated stadium isn’t going to change things.

Hopefully, McInnes goes to Sevco and is given funds in January.

They are too far behind now anyway, the expectations will rise, the slogans will be screamed and then they will start losing, again.

The deadwood will be blamed, Warburton blamed McCoist and rebuilt the squad, Caixinha blamed Warburton and rebuilt the squad, Now McInnes will have his turn before it too fails.

Players worth will be slashed, any offers accepted, new players will come in on more money than they are worth.

The Sevco cycle will continue.

All this with a penniless King presiding over a company in desperate need of refinancing.

You could write a fairytale which would be more believable than this.