Meltdown over “Fan engagement” statement as Ibrox dirty washing is aired

Image for Meltdown over “Fan engagement” statement as Ibrox dirty washing is aired

Well the statement is out and on the back of it the people are wailing, of the 4 points the 4th one seems to say that the Newco is going to start hoovering up intel on its own fans via AI or more likely trolls, the state of this statement didn’t go unnoticed by the blue noses either.

From the Ibrox clubs website, you can read the whole article by clicking here:

Other new initiatives include:

  • Introducing a brand new matchday team to liaise with supporters and provide feedback on key issues. These exciting new roles will be ideal for dedicated Rangers supporters and will be appointed from within the Rangers community
  • Increased engagement with the local community to improve the matchday experience for supporters and local residents. Continued expansion of our newly launched Customer Service department, which includes 6 full-time staff focused on answering supporter queries
  • Post match surveys to highlight and quantify match experience
  • Exploring cutting-edge technology to help gather and quantify supporter sentiment online

Fans were far from happy.

Wifi, this old chestnut won’t seem to go away.

There are over 100 posts on this statement, none of them are positive, jump on and have a look about.

For all the gripes we have of our own board, we truly are lucky not to have theirs.

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