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Good Morning.

“The prospect of? Blatter suffering more difficulties and hardship may be too much for his counterparts to bear. Radical action could very well be taken.” – Matthew Lindsay, The Herald, 20 December 2015.

The above is a fabricated quote.

But in fabricating it I only replaced two words in the original text which was scrawled by the Herald’s Matthew Lindsay last night.

Fast-tracking faltering Rangers into the Premiership not just a wild fantasy

I replaced “Rangers*” with “Blatter”, and “their” with “his”.

It’s not much of a change is it? And the similarity the two quotes is emblematic of quite how ludicrious the notion of Sevco being bumped up to the top flight to ensure their survival and (somehow) benefit the game as a whole is.

Because it terms of being for the ‘wider good’ you could make similarly spurious arguments about Blatter coming back from the career-liquidating ban handed out to him by FIFA’s Ethics Committee today.