Michael Stewart brilliantly calls out SMSM over Orange Order hate fest hypocrisy

Image for Michael Stewart brilliantly calls out SMSM over Orange Order hate fest hypocrisy

The Scottish Main Stream Media and to be fair their southern counterparts have the fear when it comes to Scotland having the rights to vote on its own future, apparently it is divisive.

Of course it is divisive, but that is what democracy actually is, the term itself is made up of 2 Greek words, Demos and Kratos, themselves meaning People and Power.

People are seldom united on any given issue, that is why people are given power (Democracy) to decide how an issue will be resolved.

Some issues are quite simple, for example religious hatred, hate speech, bigotry, destruction of property, burning of flags and stealing wheelie bins are of course illegal around the planet, except in the west of Scotland and the North east of Ireland whereby they are defined as culture.

We live in the year 2022 and are still seeing societies lowest common denominator allowed to cause chaos let alone offence in the name of tradition.

Britain has a long tradition of parliamentary democracy, it would be great if the current government would allow a vote to take place in that spirit.

Unfortunately tradition and contrived political view points mean that we are seeing the cheery picking of what traditions are to be upheld and which are to be shelved until politically expedient.

Here are some of the images of this divisive season which has just begun, for those unaware, the Orange Order will not allow Catholics to join, it is by that definition let alone its behaviour a sectarian and bigoted institution and one that should have been proscribed years ago.

This is worth remembering.

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