Mo tricks from the quintessential

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In a week where we have had Tierney linked to Liverpool, Biton linked to various Premier League teams, Lawwell linked to Sunderland and the term “Oldfirm” used repeatedly we had to wait til the end for the Sevconians latest surprise: Mo Johnston.

Seriously, if you want to piss us off try and take our players, but Mo Johnston is really scraping he bottom of the barrel, even for the SMSM. I presume we will hear much of the survival myth from Judas in his commentaries and that he will do nothing to upset the PR Darlings.

As we draw nearer to kick off i wonder what the establishment will pull out next? Appointing Muir as a linesman and Thomson as a referee hints to the malice the SFA intends. How many honest mistakes will be made is at this stage speculation, let us hope that we gub the Shame and make any refereeing indiscretions academic.

Until kick off we will have to see what else the SMSM has, today it is Mo Johnston, tomorrow the SMSM will likely give Gazza a flute whilst singing the sash. Whatever they have, it will not be enough to defeat the famous Glasgow Celtic.