More than 3 points

I can still remember the 2 or 3 seconds after Rogic missed the penalty, my hands on my head, the sound of the Shame screaming, i reached for the remote.

Ever since i have been relishing today.

In a summer of will we buy, wont we buy, we finally have our squad settled.

We are through in Europe, undefeated in Scotland and now in our own house, on our own terms, we finally have Sevco as guests at Paradise.

A win today is worth more than 3 points, it is bragging rights for a planet obsessed with this fixture.

Whatever you call the Glasgow Derby, there are two kinds of supporters and they are not Celtic and The Rangers.

There are dyed in the wool supporters and there are those who like one team more than the other.

For example, i cheer for Arsenal when they play Totenham, Everton when they play Liverpool and 1860 Munich when they play Bayern.

I don’t support them and i couldn’t tell you anything about their teams but i just don’t like the other teams.

There are possibly billions of people in this category for Celtic vs The Rangers.

But for the millions who will bleed Green or Blue, be them at Celtic park or in pubs and houses around the world, this game is history.

At some stage the continuity myth will be knocked on its head, i believe some time after Oldco Rangers lose in the Supreme Court.

When that is all put to rest historians will rightly say that this was the first ever League meeting between the two teams.

Whoever scores today will be the first Hunskelper of the Newco in Premiership history.

The garbage spouted by the SMSM will not dissuade those of us beholden to reason.

We watched them die, we saw them born, therefore this is the first Premiership game.

For Celtic there is a subtext by way of the Rodgers Revolution.

The belief at Celtic Park in the squad, manager and direction of the club has not been this positive since Martin O’Neill was manager.

If we win today we will be 4 clear with a game in hand.

That belief combined with our squad and a war chest of 20 million plus already secured would make us overwhelming favourites to win 6 in a row.

There will be people reaching for red pens to rule through Sevco’s season after 360 minutes of Celtic’s.

There is an ominous feel to this fixture, not in the sense of religion, politics or the old hatred, this could define the trajectory of 2 teams seasons.

A heavy loss for Sevco and the talk will cease about Premiership challenges and the SMSM and the deluded will switch to rage mode.

Think of it? The Orcs are not going to sit around for 9 months waiting for Celtic to win the League.

It will be amusing to watch them squeal and beg Dave King for overinvestment.

Or threaten to overthrow the board by ripping up a bed sheet or two for memos.

With no way of bettering their squad until January we can torpedo their hopes early.

Leaving them stuck with an eclectic blend of geriatrics, criminals and other Bosmans no one else wants.

Sevco are there for the taking.

Today is more than 3 points.

Today the Revolution takes control.





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