In any other league in the world, serial violent offender Alfredo Morelos would be spending a fortune on a lawyer to try and save his season.

Little over a month since he kicked Broony in the bollocks, grabbed Christies for fun and stood on Ralston only to claim innocence he is back lunging his foot into the groin of a prone player he has thrown to the floor.

It is the act of a coward, it is one thing to kick a man from behind, grab him while he isn’t watching, tread on him from begind but to upend a man and stomp on his testicles is the lowest offence you could think of.

If the appeal to get him off is successful then i ask you what constitutes violent conduct?

It certainly won’t be slide tackles into the shin, that goes by all the time as McGregor knows all to well.

But seriously, imagine you were in a pub and you kicked someone from behind like happened to Broony, or you grabbed someones baws, or you trod on someone on the floor let alone threw someone on the floor and trod on their testicles.

Imagine worse still if you threw yourself to the floor and rolled around playing victim?

You would likely have your own friends drag you outside let alone anyone else there.

Morelos is being touted as a 16 million pound player, no club will ever pay that regardless of his goal tally, he would be banned out of the game anywhere else but Ibrox, I honestly think he will be there for years, he is too good for them to sack and too dirty for anyone to buy.

Regardless of whatever happens to McKenna or even Simunovic who has been called in by the compliance offer with a tit for tat complaint over an alleged elbow, Morelos must be given a lengthy ban on the sidelines.

If not then we may as well do away with bans and move forward to an era of MMA fighting whereby kicking, grabbing, treading and stomping are all just part of the game, as things stand, they are for Morelos.