Morelos resigns for Sevco to drive up price for fantasy auction

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News has just broken that Alfredo has resigned for the Newco until 2023, this as the newsmongers desperately try to maximize the price of the Colombian before he is hocked to Dortmund or some club in another galaxy.

A week after saying this would be the window he would move the laughter around the rubbishing of the links to his future have not subsided and he has found himself in need of a fail safe, enter The Rangers.

The Peepul have offered him an upgraded deal which will leach more money out of the basket of assets at exactly the time that Mike Ashley prepares his knives to slash into the Ibrox club and ring fence its season ticket money due in the coming months.

If a mega bid comes in for Morelos then he will be driven to the destination by Gerrard himself, if a derisory bid comes in (that is to say actual market value of somewhere around 6 million) then he will be maintained.

Rangers will hold on for the mega bucks content that he will be awaiting the dream move whilst failing to win anything and assulting the nether regions of opponents at will.

This should be seen for what it is, a game of crafty smoke an mirrors whereby the player says he is going, a few clubs are linked and the next thing you know all that needs to be worked out is a price and voila he is on his way.

The 20 million quid bounty placed on his head for the temperamental Colombian has seen any interested clubs, confirmed incidentally as none, to stop their interest, meaning we will be seeing the petulant striker back playing and not scoring against Celtic next year on another 4 occasions.

Now all they have to do is pay off Close Brothers, argue in court that an injunction into selling Hummel products means they can sell them, not get sued for major money and find that magic money tree and everything will be fine.

Football is an industry of wolves, those who would want the Colombian on their books know full well this is a move from a company in distress trying to sell its only asset in a time of real need, this hasn’t done anything for his fee, to the contrary the hands off will ward off any manager willing to take a punt on him.

They have just made what they want to sell unsalable, the newspapers and ‘staff writer’ will be having a field day with this one, pass the popcorn.