Mourinho owes us a trophy, if he is keen, then why not

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The worst time of my life save the death of my mother was the time between Porto’s third goal and full time on the final day of the season in 2003, with the Oldco running out winners 6-1 against a hapless Dunfermline with Celtic managing just 4-0 vs Killie .

I was a much younger man back then and was wasted to the point of oblivion, the same intake would likely kill me today.

It wasn’t just painful, it was heartbreaking, it was soul destroying, it left me hollow all over, i like many immediately began cheering for whatever team was playing Porto and then whoever was playing Jose.

I detested him, of late i have mellowed as 16 years has seen me forget the pain somewhat, the news that his odds were slashed after a clever bit of photo shop and a few compliments from him have set tongues wagging.

Should we forgive and forget?

The answer of course is yes, he would easily bring in the right back and centre half we will need, an attacking option or two and having his shadow over Gerrard would be pure fantasy.

Slippy’s pressers have been comedy gold, add the special one to the mix and the planet will start watching Scottish Football, the papers must be sitting on the fence on this one, on the one hand they would be loathe for Jose to move to Celtic, on the other hand their print runs would go up 50%.

The one thing Rodgers never did at Celtic was make us a credible threat in Europe, Mourinho has won trophies in Europe at many clubs, at his last club Manchester United he managed to win the Europa League with a team that no one expected to win.

We would do a lot worse than get a manager in who can attract the names we need, play a style that whilst boring, is effective, win the next 2 Leagues, systematically destroy Gerrard and raise our global profile exponentially.

He was 50% of a week from hell, a pain unknown, he can heal that by coming to Paradise and winning the 10 and taking us back where we belong, skelping teams in Europe.

If Jose signs on for Celtic, then i for one will let bygones be bygones, I just want to see us win and just at the minute he is head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates.