Moussa for Les Blues, Celtic due Millions of £££

We have heard of late comparisons between Moussa Dembele and a certain Buffalo, like a seesaw we have seen the value of Moussa fall as the price of the Colombian has soared.

Of course, only one scored in the Glasgow Derby and what a goal it was, it may not have been a chip of the quality of the King of Kings but due to Tom’s sidekick on Sevco TV we will be laughing about what the “goalie was dain” for many years to come.

But there is a greater subplot to the story of Glasgow’s finest imports at their respective clubs, both France and Colombia are playing at the World Cup in June.

There are reports that Moussa is due to be selected in Didier Deschamps provisional squad, he looks a good shout after returning from injury and to top form in the last month.

Since the transfer speculation abated he has looked the Moussa of old and at only 21 is a long term prospect for the French.

Of course, he qualifies through a ridiculous FIFA rule to play for another country I shall not name due to his years at Fulham, giving Moussa a couple of caps secures him to the nation of his birth and makes sure if he was to move south as many expect n the future, that he wouldn’t have his head turned.

Should Moussa be capped for Les Blues his value will rise sharply, should he score, it will soar, should he be selected at the World Cup it will grow exponentially and should he score there, even in a 4-0 win in the last minute, well let the auction begin.

Sevco turned £27 million last season, we have a player on our books who has the opportunity to eclipse that.

Truly, we are a level above.



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