Mr Green & The Most Reasonable Men

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The preliminary hearings on what has become known as the ‘Fraudco’ trial will now resume on April 19 with only three individuals currently facing indictments. No-one is prepared to name the three, but we know that Craig White and Gary Withey are two of this trial triumvirate, with Charles Green almost certainly being the third.  As opposed to his Wikipedia entry, or what you have read in the red top rags, it will be interesting to note what he stated in private when he was in the company of friends.

Mr Green had an inner circle of four executives in his board. He appointed himself as Chief Executive Officer, with Malcolm Murray as Chairman and Brian Stockbridge as Financial Director. Mr Murray had what was best described as a fractious relationship with Mr Stockbridge, which was exacerbated when he was filmed by the former FD being helped from his car in a ‘tired and emotional’ state. It was a particularly low blow by Stockbridge, which was seized upon by the agitators and posted on YouTube (pun intended). The fourth member of his pulling strings quartet was Imran Ahmad who initially had the title of Capital Raising Executive.