Mulumbu gone, now announce Compper

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Mulumbu is off the wage bill with a release clause activated in his contract which will save the club hundreds of thousands in wages and also free a space which will likely be taken by young Luca Connell who plays the same position.

Now it is time for the elephant in the room to be put out of his misery, or elevated to a first-team appearance whereby the support, gaffer and his teammates can see once and for all if the former Bundesliga defender is Celtic quality, I talk of course about Marvin Compper.

Never have we seen a man come in on such high wages in a position of real need from such a large club from such a prestigious league, for absolutely no return.

I promise you Compper will be a trivia question in a 100 years time at pubs full of Celtic fans being the answer to who was the worst signing in the history of Celtic FC.

Derk Boerrighter and Sheidt look like Sutton and Larsson beside this wage thief.

We have all heard the rumours about Dubai, we have all waited for him to make an appearance after the rat left, whatever it is he has done, he must be given a chance to play and show his worth or have his contract terminated via an agreement.

We can’t have Carlos Pena’s or Edouardo Hererra’s on our books, we are not a charity and with 9 in a row at stake there can be no room for passengers.

Announce Marvin Compper, in the starting line up, or off the wage bill.