Murray not fit and proper: Time for the investigation that never was

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When Sir David Murray sold the Oldco to Craig Whyte for a pound he offloaded a club which was hemorrhaging from years of cheating, both the taxman and Football as a whole.

This is conveniently overlooked by the SFA themselves embroiled in this financial malfeasance up to their necks, an organisation who has done everything within their power to have the sins of the past forgotten without the need for forgiveness, let alone repentance.

So now if the latest media fantasy about Sir Minty pumping millions into the Newco is actually true, he must clear the £48 million plus interest that he shafted the British taxpayer from in his decade of cheating.

This would include no less than £6.3 million he paid to himself according to Succulent Lamb mouthpiece the Daily Record.

That Hector hasn’t called in these debts yet is perplexing, we saw in Craig Whyte’s trial that moving along wasn’t an option when perjury was a consequence should they lie.

Witness after witness explained the depths of cheating that went on at Ibrox which ultimately lead to the death of a football club.

Which leads to a simple question: Should Sir David Murray be passed as a fit and proper person by the SFA?

Moreover, should Craig Whyte have his ban ripped up and his case heard with regard to Sevco 5088 and the true owners of the basket of assets currently living on Close Brothers loans?

Scottish Football we are told moves in cycles, Celtic win a few Leagues only for the pendulum to switch to one of the Ibrox teams.

Now we are in the cycle whereby Sir Minty has blown off the debt and seemingly the legal liability for his crimes, waited until the Newco wiggled its way up to the Premiership, nearly bankrupted itself and then can buy in debt and responsibility-free.

Add WATP, claim a world record, put on Tina Turner and no one ask any questions and we can all do moving on with no appetite for justice, say Oldfirm half a dozen times and bring out a composite side with 8 The Rangers players in it and everything is back to normal.

I actually believe this is just a load of guff trying to lift the Peepul before the Glasgow Derby, but if there is any chance of Sir Minty coming back, there must be a full inquiry into his years of cheating, all tax must be repaid and title stripping put back on the table.

If Scottish teams have no appetite for justice with Murray back with any form of a stake in the Newco, then truly they have been stupefied into being minions of a club that screwed them all.