Murty is dead as Keith Jackson makes veiled plea for McInnes

The Daily Record has turned on Murty and also Dave King in an extraordinary editorial by Keth Jackson for those who regularly tune into the Sevco sitcom.

Such terms as “Murtyesque mediocrity” have replaced ‘Murtymania’ in a very strong critique of Dave King, much of which I won’t critique because it has been what I and many others have been saying for years.

The crux of the article, you can google it if you wish, is about how Sevco are not on the same level as Celtic, from the boardroom to our Development team, which actually doesn’t exist over there.

Jackson is a realist, he know the delusional wishlist that was Sevco fan’s managerial shortlist is well beyond their means, but he does understand that there is one former favourite that Sevco can and may well go back for, Derek McInnes.

He was groomed, enticed and expected to take upon the managerial role at the Newco, he saw the writing on the wall Close by and avoided the poison chalice.

He may yet take up the role once the season ticket money comes in, of course, dependent on Aberdeen FC granting him permission, something that is unlikely to happen.

Milne is unpopular enough for moving along, the fans appetite would become voracious should he hand over the Dons Gaffer to Them.

The entire article is veiled as a critique of David King, himself a gangster in charge of a football club, but the rest goes on to pillory both Murty’s long-term prospects and then finally pose the question of who else.

I will let you decide who the churnalist with respect off the radar is chasing for the fanzines club:

Somehow he managed to talk McInnes out of accepting the job he has coveted more than any other since swapping his boots for a manager’s jacket. Again, this was celebrated as a good thing by large sections of the Rangers support but how will they feel at the end of the season if Aberdeen’s boss secures second place and maybe also ends up with the Scottish Cup?

If that would be deemed good enough for Murty to land the job permanently surely the same logic would have to be applied to McInnes. If he was the one outstanding candidate to replace Caixinha then his credentials would surely only be cemented by such a strong finish to the campaign.

And yet curiously there remains a hard core of Rangers fans who refuse to believe he’d be up to the job. Perhaps they too are prone to putting their trust in all the wrong places.

I am not sure if this article was meant to torpedo Murty, slam King, beg for Aberdeen to win the Scottish Cup or install McInnes as gaffer at the Newco, but one thing is for sure, Murty has lost the SMSM.

At Sevco you can lose the dressing room, but not the Record, Murty is finished, if McInnes is truly stupid enough to take Celtic on with Sevco’s vast resources, then let him join the line of broken men who stood against us.



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