Nacho Novo shows his attacking prowess

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There are lots of colourful characters which hang like flies around the dead carcass of Rangers and buzz into our news feeds intermittently, usually when writing utter pish in the DR, but Nacho Novo is different, he doesn’t write the stories but manages to find himself in them more often than not.

His latest addition to our Twitter timelines is one for the ages, he throws punches (citation needed, not sure what to call those wee slaps) at a man who is being held up against the wall.

Afterward, the man manages to get away despite the repeated smacks from the former Oldco darling, his attacking prowess hasn’t much improved since he offered his services free of charge to play for Ally McCoist’s Sevco team.

Some ladies of the night can be heard screaming and swearing as is their custom, Nacho truly keeps the best of company since being run out of his own pub.

Thoughts and prayers for the victim, no one deserves to be slapped like that and not have their arms free to belt the stuffing out of those who must fight in groups to prevent themselves from being knocked out.