When Naismith stamped on Broony I screamed red card like a Tory linesman at the TV in my lounge room as many of us did, if it were the other way around Brown would have been off the park in an instant.

That Naismith was allowed to continue was a joke, that with the help of cameras the SFA cannot bring itself to a common sense solution is scandalous.

Remember Alf falling over getting a plaster on his knee and Slippy screaming for the compliance officer to complain about someone who won the ball?

Make up your own mind.

Well here we have a dirty player who acted half thug and half fairy for 90 minutes, throwing himself on the floor howling for free kicks and penalties and when not playing the victim being an outright scumbag kicking, stamping, elbowing and having more lives than a cat with the officials.

The decision not to cite him and indeed make an example of him is exactly what we are up against this season, anything goes against us.