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I must admit that Mark ‘Warbmeister’ Warburton seems like a perfectly nice chap, and I don’t dislike him.

However, one of The Clumpany’s favourite things about him is the contrast between his image (which is lapped up by those parts of the media who still haven’t washed their hands having shaken The Hand of Warb at his first Ibrox press conference), and a gradually-emerging alternative impression.

The popular image is of Warbo the genial and relentlessly-focused former City Trader who is thorough in everything he does, and who leaves nothing to chance. He is so on top of the detail at all times, and so ‘forward-thinking’ in his approach to the game that you could be forgiven for believing that he actually invented modern football, and is driving its evolution on an hourly basis. Even in the middle of the night as he arrives for training before he has left the night before!

But then you see how he reacted to that defeat against St Johnstone in the League Cup – speaking of his side deserving more respect. And you consider how Alan Stubbs seemingly got under his skin when Hibs closed the gap at the top of the Championship, even though Warbo INSISTED that he was only focused on his own side and didn’t think about anyone else. No really. He didn’t. Not at all. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!

…And you start to wonder how he might react under some serious footballing pressure.

The Clumpany’s curiosity in this regard was further piqued today by his quite extraordinary comments about Alloa ‘Always Cheating’ Athletic.