Neil Lennon set to be charged 45k bigots are free

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The club synonymous with rage, hate, delusion, victimization, triumphalism and Grassing when all else doesn’t work is at it again.

Petition FC is back manning the phone lines complaining about Neil Lennon.

The same people who were calling him a Wanker and singing about wading through his, Pedro’s and three-quarters of their own team’s blood are of course the victims in all this.

Strathclyde Police have enough on their hands without having to worry about incitement charges which are fanciful at best and delusional at worst.

Lennon’s team were the better team up and down the park, all of Scotland saw it.

The bile and bigotry from the quintessential are nothing less than is to be expected from societies fringes, those who lurk in the shadows waiting to attack and when beaten, revert to petitions or calling the police.

Lee Wallace is a fine captain of this Institution.

What league have they been watching for the 5 years of life?

Nevertheless, there is a greater subtext to this, where is the media outrage of the sectarian singing and abuse leveled at the Green Hordes?

Surely proscribed songs are something for all of Scotland to moralise on, they were after Linfield after all.

In the last few weeks, we have seen the parallel universe warp into a demented dimension.

Buckfast thrown at Griffiths, he gets a weeks ban, Parody in the Green brigade, they get a 2-week ban, Petition to retrospectively add regional titles as national titles and now they want Lenny in the dock for not lying down like Dunfermline.

Another pearl of wisdom from Follow Follow.

If it were any other team on God’s Green Earth….