New club rages once more

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In 2012, a few months after playing Brechin in the Ramsdens Cup as Sevco Scotland, The Rangers optimistically launched 140th anniversary plans and the continuity myth was born.

Everyone just pretended it was them, a few analogies were cooked up and words like ‘demotion’, ‘ethereal’ and ‘metaphysical’ entered the vocabularies of the uneducated.

Kit Kats and the sale of history were concocted as explanations to deflect from the obvious horrors within reason and rationale.

The facts we witnessed, that of Rangers dying and Sevco buying their assets and starting a new club do not need to be referenced, merely remembered.


Rangers history isn’t recognised by Aberdeen. We should do the same.

With Aberdeen not recognising Sevco’s history it is seen as a ‘jibe’ by the DR.

It is not poking fun at the deluded. It is merely explaining to them that their history is gone, if they like it or not, it is a fact.

Celtic should do the same and indeed so should all Scottish clubs.

Get together and ask these questions:

Do you believe history can be bought and sold? 

Do you believe there can be a Rangers currently being liquidated and another playing football but just one club?

Do you believe systematic financial doping should be punished by a contrived finding by LNS?

Do you believe we should listen to their tripe anymore?

If every club acted as Aberdeen are acting now we would collectively shoot down their nonsense in a stroke.

If it is a journalist, an app, a wiki, the wording of a statement or heaven forbid a tweet from a Celtic player, Scotland’s Shame bitch and moan about everything all the time.

When you think of it, it must be a terrible life to be a Sevco fan. For the rest of your life your going to tell everyone you meet lies you don’t believe yourself to try and remain relevant.

They can howl and rage forever more. Never forget 2012. We watched them die. Aberdeen are not teasing The Rangers, they are stating facts.

The sooner we all start doing the same the better.