New Scientific Study Explains Sevco Stupidity – The Celtic Blog: James Forrest |

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Today as much attention focusses on Celtic, there’s some news which will be of great interest to the fans on the other side of the city; new has emerged to shed light on the “three kinds of ” and how they manifest themselves.

The Institute of Psychology at Eotvos University, in Budapest, has revealed that stupid behaviour is broadly broken down into three distinct sorts.

First, and most common, is called Confident Ignorance.

This is what happens when you take action believing you have a certain skill-set, or personal attributes only to discover – with all the attendant consequences- that actually you don’t.

Examples that spring to mind are telling the world how he’ll turn around the Good Ship and then getting into office and finding more holes in the structure than a Tetley T-Bag; trying to work a microwave; Ian Black thinking he’s a master gambler (and even a footballer); thinking he really does look trendy in fluorescent gloves and Barry Fergusson believing he has a future in club management.