No Progres or Pounds in Europe for Sevco

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Well, the deadline has past and Sevco has not posted accounts meaning they are ineligible for European competition next season, this is not a maybe, this is a fact.

Let us ponder the consequences clearly:

No European money next term means no possibility of paying off their already horrendous debts, they spent money on Pedro’s Galacticos last season on the hope they would Progres, at 20 pounds a ticket x 50k equals a million quid, 3 qualifiers and 3 group matches plus prize money would have paid of Pena and co, alas they couldn’t beat the 4th best team in Luxembourg.

Murty will stay, who on earth is going to take on this cold-shouldered entity with no hope of European Football already paying of Wonga loans to Close Brothers without merchandise or sponsorship deals signed?

Season ticket holders may not return, it was admirable to see the Peepul flock to beat Queens Park and whoever else was in the old Division 3 in 2012, they embarked upon a journey so we were told as the same club on a lower league sabbatical, turning up to win a trophy in the bag is one thing, turning up for repeated humpings by Hibernian and Kilmarnock is another, will the Peepul be back?

King must go but who will buy? The facts are that the Peepul abandoned their team in their wee bear revolution and installed King at the expense of Llambias and other MASH loyalists, now they are begging for Big Mike to come back! With Sevco reeling, they will demand King be shown the door, but who will buy him out?

11 million reasons can be found in blue pounds as to why no one in their right mind will buy Sevco, the financial basketcase born of a basket of assets is looking like returning to said form with the pie stall and television joining the dilapidated Edmiston House and an allegedly iconic car park set to be possessions of Close Brothers rather soon.

Wage bills off the radar! Since the transfer window where the Newco needed to cut its losses on nearly half its players, it instead had added to the wage bill whilst paying half of Pena’s wages in Mexico and just the other week releasing Kranjcar a few months before his contract was up.

Loan players set to return with no money to buy them and no reason for them to stay, Sevco will be unlikely to be able to afford the loan players who came in who gave them a glimmer of hope, let alone buy any new. The Bosman cycle is set to continue at Govan.

All in all the Peepul have cooked their goose, with Hibernian breathing down their neck should Neil Lennon’s charges finish 4th then The Rangers fate is as good as sealed, there is no way that Hibs squad will suffer being cheated out of European Football after playing by the rules.

In a few weeks, we will secure our 49th title, this piece of lunacy from Sevco has just gifted us our 50th.