The last few weeks have been great to watch, we have seen Celtic dry up the goals at the back and score plenty as well, amongst those goals has been our new supersub Timo Weah.

We have been warned off keeping hold of Oli Burke for next year with West Brom likely to bring the speedster back again after he has recaptured his form which will immediately put him back in first team reckoning for them, Timo however is still well down the pecking order at PSG.

Now that is no insult to the young man, more of a compliment that he is held in such esteem, he realistically wont be getting game time ahead of Neymar and Cavani however at the tender age of 18 has plenty to learn under Rodgers and to offer to Celtic.

Like Paddy Roberts before him, he is endearing himself as a class player we dream of having all to ourselves but are more than happy to see on loan at Paradise.

Young Timo unlike Paddy is blessed with strength and is only going to get bigger and better, the lad hasn’t finished growing and is going to be a giant by the time he is done.

As he matures, if Celtic can secure a years extension for the likable American he will be the signing that will not be topped, he is a class above what any team in Scotland can afford.

He has already shown his love of Celtic and with his pure passion for the badge and the support, being a millennial he is all over social media and is already a favourite among fans.

On the basis of this, you wouldn’t think it would be hard to talk him into a full season in Hoops, hopefully the business can be sorted with PSG and a deal can be arranged that will prepare their player for a future at the pinnacle of Football whilst giving Celtic the firepower to chase down another title on our road to 10 in a row.

It is a deal where everyone wins, the player gets better and wins trophies, PSG get their player conditioned for greatness at an academy club in Celtic and we go marching on our way watching quality football and having fun while it happens.

Timo must stay.