Now or never: Compper and Allan need to play

Celtic’s massive wage bill which is healthily over 50 million pounds has a couple of passengers on it, the 2 most conspicuous are Marvin Compper and Scott Allan.

It is one thing to be paying wages to young players we are hoping will develop, it is another altogether to be looking at going an entire season with a couple on first team wages for zero appearances.

Scott Allan as I have written before is a tragic figure at Paradise, a true talent who has never quite fitted in, a player whose Celtic career reminds me of Derek Riordan, another player bought from Hibs whose star was flittered away on the bench.

Like Riordan, Allan is a very talented player and at a time where we are crying out for a creative option, his lack of appearances is perplexing.

If he is so far away from selection that he isn’t to even be considered for the bench, then he should be cut, it is now or never.

The same can be said of Compper, a defender who came highly recommended with undoubted pedigree from the Bundesliga.

He came to Celtic not as a gem to be shined up and sold on but as a ready-made first team player who would add experience to Centre Half and fix our glaring issues there.

He has played all over 83 minutes in a Scottish Cup game, why on earth did we fork out a reported 1.3 million quid for him?

Now with Ajer’s injury which has added to our woes after Benkovic was crocked, we need an experienced Centre Half desperately.

With the window closed, we must look within, Hendry finally tasted victory in Hoops but the young lad is far from the answer, if we are not to use Compper now then when will we?

The answer is never, if he can’t get into the team now then there is no point keeping him, I can’t see many teams lining up to sign him meaning we should be looking to take a loss and offload him in January.

That would be a shame for both player, we haven’t seen them at all, they haven’t had a chance to fail yet let alone succeed.



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