Obsessed Ally’s quadruple treble pain

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The term beating a dead horse is going to be renamed after McCoist or Rae in the coming weeks as Ally again took to the airwaves to howl about the SPFL and this time the SFA and the destination of the Scottish Cup.

Speaking on TALKSPORT he reiterated his droning about the vote:

“They’ve just gone about it the wrong way, I keep going on about the vote and I make no apologies for going on about it again, the vote was farcical. An absolutely shambolic performance from the SPFL, and they’ve dug themselves a big big hole.

This big hole he talks of is getting a two thirds majority in a vote which was and remains a major embarassment not just for Rangers, but also the media lackeys who banged on for a month about smoking guns and explosive evidence that never came to hand.

On the Scottish Cup, which his own team fell out of to bottom side Hearts, he was more flippant suggesting the Cup will be awarded as the SPFL title is set to be after all clubs including The Rangers voted to bring the season to an end last Friday.

I was thinking, what are they going to do with the cup competitions? This will be interesting.

“The SPFL are going to tell everyone how the season is going to finish, they’ve got this crystal ball that’s going to relegate Hearts, it’s going to relegate Partick Thistle – who’s going to win the Scottish Cup?

“I know it’s not their job to do that but it will be interesting to see who they give the Scottish Cup to.

Of course Ally, they will give the Scottish Cup to the winner, that winner will come from Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen or Celtic depending on who proceeds and then claims the title.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that.

With Celtic’s title confirmation looming, we are 180 minutes away from a quadruple treble, one which if won will not contain any asterisk beside it.