Obsession, it is a word we hear a lot about in our daily cominiques with the deluded across social media, usually followed by Same club WATP Timmy.

Yesterday we saw Obsession spill into the Daily Record with a piece on Paul Larkins new film Armageddon.

The paper with the URL: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/all-about/rangers-fc states that it is all about the Rangers, yet complains when others take notice.

What an embarrassment it is for Celtic to show a Rangers film at their OWN ground is another piece of drivel from Michael Gannon, the Andy Walker of the Daily Record.

The one thing about it being all about the Rangers is that for a long time it was, it was because they were cheating.

They were blatantly cheating the rules, they were cheating the tax man and they were cheating all of Scottish Football as well.

That the rest of the pyramid doesn’t have an appetite for justice is their issue, Celtic fans rightfully would like international precedent recognised.

In any other League on Earth, they would have had every result during the EBT years changed to a 0-3 result and subsequently had their titles stripped and reallocated to the runners-up.

Celtic don’t even want their tainted titles.

Our Obsession also goes beyond their rabid cheating, it flows on to such things as the 276 creditors who were stiffed by the Oldco.

The film Armageddon focuses on how the omnishambles managed to kill itself, this isn’t something that should be criticised, it is something to be learned from.

That Celtic are allowing independent media to be played in the Kerrydale Suite is a credit to the board, why should the supporters voices be quietened?

Paul Larkin is being hounded on social media at the moment by the Peepul, he is being hounded because he is telling the truth about something no one is allowed to talk about.

The SMSM is now taking cheap shots to fill column inches with quotes from raging Sevco fans unable to quantify what happened to their club.

It is for the very reason that the SMSM doesn’t do its job properly that there is a need for independent films like Paul’s to be made.

Calling Celtic fans obsessed is a cheap shot at our intelligence, as we are smart enough to understand basic ideas such as liquidation, debt repayment and sporting integrity.

Those who are truly obsessed are those who keep the deluded in their stasis, printing lie after lie, refusing to answer the key questions and as Sevco spiral into the abyss want to talk about how we are talking about it.

Not the issue itself.

But what do you expect from a fanzine?