Obsessed Record calls for MASH and Clarke to Sevco

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Oh the Peepul are folk short of memory, remember their wee bear revolution or whatever they call it, when they took their club from Spivs by nearly bankrupting it, then put a career criminal in charge, now they want the Spivs back.

Well to be more precise the Record has used a quote from one particularly deluded Sevco fan from Edinburgh to mask their plea for a man who has presided over a generation of winning nothing at Newcastle.

Sharing this point of deluded magic about the notoriously cheap businessman who was chased from Ibrox:

His money will stop 10-in-a-row. He’s a businessman who likes making cash. He can do that by taking Gers into the Champions League.

“He only has to dethrone Celtic. It’s a plan that would work.”

Of course, just dethrone the Champions, easy as a hole in one at a par 5 driving with a putter.

Another chipped in with a sponsored quip:

“Billy Bowie or a super hero couldn’t stop Steve Clarke leaving Rugby Park. Rangers have made no move for Clarke so I can’t understand why Killie fans are getting so uptight.

Of course master Murty has fallen out of favour after securing a century old record for defeats at a certain venue, by both clubs who called it home no less.

This on the back of the impending cold-shouldering and financial pariah status that is due to be slammed upon a team built after what Ally McCoist described as “The death of a football club.”

If you see through the smoke an mirrors, the DR is using other peoples quotes to peddle its own Sevco agenda.

One where the manager who was set to win the league 10 days ago must be replaced by the manager who beat him a few days ago.

Where the Businessman who bailed them out only for them to turn on him should turn back and spend hand over fist to stop the incredible truth being realised.

Celtic are going to win 10 in a row.