Obsession and delusion are not an illusion

Scott Brown will be putting his feet up this weekend as he gets a well-deserved break following his International retirement, you wouldn’t know it though with everyone’s favourite numpty keeping the Legendary Captian’s name in the news.

Joey Barton is a player who like Brown will be remembered long after he retires, in Broony’s case, it will be for his swathe of trophies, uncompromising style of leadership and the general high regard he is held by players, managers and opposition.

For Barton, however, he will be remembered as a shallow thug who was high on quality but low on brains, a man who put a lead ceiling above his potential with petulant actions on the pitch and ridiculous statements off it.

His latest tirade against, Celtic, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair show his infantile nature, he is not in the League of any of them, Sinclair may have struggled this year but still has achieved more in the last 20 months than Barton has in his entire career.

Barton is a man whose 2 trophies were in the English Championship, for all his guff about Scotland being a pub league he was schooled by Celtic in a 5-1 thrashing that saw him running away from Sevco with a coffee machine under his arm.

He announced himself as a class above, he didn’t make it til Christmas, he talks down on the league that made him look pathetic as if he conquered it, the man is obsessed.

Like Sevco, they need to create fantasies to maintain their deluded grip on reality.

For Barton, he needs to think of himself as a cut above so his ignominious exit doesn’t look so humiliating.

The facts are it was humiliating, he is a disgrace and I welcome his next stupid comments about the English Premier League’s eternal supremacy over Scotland’s as if he ever conquered it.

He had the chance, he spurned it and wound up in chains, next time he talks tosh about Broony, he only adds another coat of paint to the legend who has always proved, he is a cut above fools like Joseph Anthony Barton.



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