Oldco cost their Queen over a years wages

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I have recently been bombarded with delusion by Real Scots for some of my recent posts, among other things telling me i am not loyal, they are right, i remain unrepentant.

I thought i would write this up so i can post it to Them whenever they come knocking extolling the virtues of the worlds greatest benefits recipient.

I have done some basic math, Elizabeth Sax Coburg Goater is currently paid a mere £45.6m a year.

That equals the following:

  •  £876,923 per week
  • £125,274 per day
  • £5219 per hour
  • £86.99 per minute
  • £1.44 per second

That is to say for every couple of breaths their monarch takes she receives our minimum wage, a yawn and she receives the living wage for a person over 25.

The time it takes her to fart will give an apprentice their hourly service to the crown.

Now the Oldco are taking their Queen to court to try and avoid paying her £47.65 million which is barely 2 million quid more than a years wages for the 90 year old.

How dare they deprive their sovereign of a good 55 weeks of coin?

Maybe the Peepul are upset that the German killed their club?

If they have the basic literacy skills to read up until this point, stop and pause for a second…. that should be 100 quid to the crown by now.

Worth every penny?

Then pay the woman, we do.