Kevin Muscat comes to mind when I think of currants and pastry, much the same as Gennaro Gatusso he was an axe that was allowed with far too much from officials but earned the respect of all on the pitch with his combative approach.

Ange Postecoglou has a long relationship with the Oldco man come mentor from his days at Melbourne Victory whereby Muscat joined the coaching staff after retiring from playing at the same time Ange left Brisbane Roar to join the Victorian giants.

The two could yet form up a lethal alliance with the softly spoken Ange needing some guidance in Glasgow from someone who knows all about the pressure.

Should Postecoglou’s UEFA Pro license fail he can also take charge of the games, a nightmare scenario but one we must plan to face.

There has been enough false alarms about getting a manager in, it is time to bring the target in and start the rebuild and the sell off.

If a fan favourite of the dead club is what it takes to assure we have a manager on the side lines in Europe and can recruit immediately then such is the price we must pay.