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Oldco’s coefficient will harm clubs foreign and domestic

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Sevco are poised to play in the play off rounds of the Europa Cup, something they have achieved on the back of spending 21 million of IPO money and countless soft loans over the last 5 years.

This of course doesn’t fit in with Fifa’s fair play rules which at this stage looks like to doing moving along.

But there is a far greater subtext to this, why on earth is the co efficient of Oldco Rangers being quoted as belonging to the Newco?

If The Rangers are to defeat an European team in the qualifiers, they may ask why they were playing the Ibrox team in the first place.

Results propelling the Newco to a seeded position on the back of the exploits of the Oldco are highly erroneous.

If Sevco start at the bottom then the FFP rules can be moaned over, if Sevco are given a piggy back on the Oldco’s coefficient then surely any team defeated would have a case for appeal.

The survival lie and the nausea it has caused all people not hard of thinking is immense, how many times can you facepalm while hearing WATP?

But the facts are that Europe is not the West of Scotland, no one knows what the Daily Record is, let alone reads it, Radio Snyde is unheard of as is the Shark Jump.

When Kit kats and other tasty treats like ethereal entities of metaphysical boundaries without a legal personality are brought up on the continent, i assume their love of wine will be called upon.

God knows we have all had a few drams of whiskey after a debate with the deluded, maybe they will have more fun.

But the facts are, liquidation carries with it a profound legal personality, one whereby those liable often find themselves before court.

While the papers and governing body would like us to believe the narrative, many of us refuse to have our common sense taken for granted.

I assume that trying to explain to a Frenchman that the reason Sevco got the home leg last was because they are the same team that died in 2012 and inherited their coefficient may be a little hard.

Can you imagine this playing out in any court room on earth, bar Scotland.

The prosecutor would ask the defendant: “How many teams called Rangers are there?”

“One” ┬ácomes the answer.

“So what about Oldco and Newco Rangers?”

“One, WATP, you’re obsessed” comes the reply.

No simpleton on earth would last 20 seconds under cross examination as we are seeing in the court of session presently.

Should the Newco be given a qualifying berth, it will fly in the face of FIFA and its alleged fair play criteria.

If Sevco are awarded another teams coefficient and profit from it, just when you though there couldn’t be another court case….

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