Oldcos owes £444 to document disposal company shred it

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Today the Daily Record has printed the full list of creditors ripped off by the Oldco, the list is long and the amounts span from nominal to exorbitant.

Upon scrolling through the Oldco’s dirty deeds, I stumbled upon a bill of 444 pounds to Shred it a company that specializes in confidential document destruction.

I wonder exactly how many reams of paper were chewed up so that we may never know the truth?

Craig Whyte didn’t even have to call a witness during his defence, so turgid was the prosecution.

Who knows what secrets were destroyed before the collapse and death of Rangers.

Some of the massive list of creditors owed by Oldco Rangers.

Oldco Rangers still owe Shred it 444 quid for helping cover their trails.

We will never know the full extent of their lying and thieving, we can only speculate with what survived the systematic destruction of evidence.

One thing we can all be sure of, they died in 2012 to the backdrop of threats of Armageddon, surrounded by singing in the streets and laughter across Scotland.