Once, twice, three times a legend.

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I will start this by saying that at the tender age of 41 I remember when Neil Lennon signed for Celtic and the pub erupted into 2 factions between those who adored him and those who loathed him, those who saw his graft on and off the ball and those who complained he looked fat and didn’t score goals.

Neil Francis Lennon was one of my favourite players, these days it is Broony, I love the crunching tackles, the fearless play in midfield the deft touches when needed as well, I was very much of the pro Lenon faction and remained so in his first stint as gaffer.

I was upset when he went to Bolton as anyone is when a hero leaves, not in the way I was a few days ago when the Rodgers news broke mind you, Lenny was on a rolling contract and with Rangers dead and both Edinburgh clubs down there was little by way of competition, I disagreed with him leaving but didn’t hold animosity towards his decision.

Rodgers is a disgrace for what he has done and I feel betrayed as much as anything, that said, with Lenny back in the dugout i feel an old joy coming back, a feeling I had assumed was one that would be consigned to the past, for the third time, I am ready and willing to argue with all and sundry be them Green or Blue about the merits of Lennon as a Celt.

For the deluded this is a third dose of pain they had hoped to never again feel, Lenny was an unbridled Hunskelper as a player, a man of rage who elicited hate from the Oldco and stood up to them all, this was very much a time of when it was all aboot the ranjuurs, the EBT era was soaring just as their own tilt at 10 had failed.

When he came back after Mowbray’s disastrous reign he inherited a poison chalice few would desire a sip from, the calamity of Ross County in the Scottish Cup and then losing the League the year after in Inverness in the penultimate game took him to the brink as did poor performances in Europe.

Then the title in the bag season began with Celtic imploding and Lennon’s career on the rocks, he gave the half time speech of all halftime speeches and we rescued a point at Kilmarnock from 3-0 down.

Then came a run of wins at the sae time Ally McCoist’s team floundered, we beat them at the new year and before you knew it they were in administration and destined for the footballing graveyard ripping up bed sheets threatening everyone as they slid toward the abyss and joined Gretna, Airdrie and Third Lanark.

Then Lenny took on the Barca and won, the team he had rebuilt upon the sale of McGeady would end up being sold for over 30 million pounds and in many ways kept Celtic afloat as attendances crumbled, the transfers of Wanyama and Forster made up the shortfall as Dembele’s did last year.

Now with Paradise full again, a club calling itself rangers to beat and a title race to be had, Lenny is back in the hot seat at a time whereby we have 2 trophies to win and then 2 seasons to go, should he pick up those 2 trophies, he must be given a 2 year contract and first chance of bringing home the 10.

Lawwell is the Teflon man in all of this, instead of people raging at him for not backing Brendan with the millions we wanted to see spent he has instead got off the hook due to the anger being shown towards our former manager.

In the summer, whoever comes in will have a major rebuild to undertake, Lennon has a good eye for bargains and quality as well, he forged a team he bought on the cheap into a force that beat not just Barca but one of the best Barca teams of all time, if not the best.

A couple of centre halves and a Right Back and a loan extension for Timo would be the business we need to do, Goalkeeper, Left back, midfield and the forward line are well covered with Shved still to come and Bayo yet to make his full debut, we have fresh options in attack, it is our defence that needs a rebuild.

Lawwell knows he has to spend and Lennon provides both value for money and his signings will not be exorbitant, he took Hibs from the Championship to a top 6 team last year and Hibs beat us this season as well, he undoubtedly has an eye for talent and can rebuild a team on a budget.

Should he be given the chance as gaffer he will prove he is a much better manager than Gerrard is, the 2 draws vs The Rangers supremo prove that with a minimal budget he still has his measure, at the helm of Celtic he can bulldoze him.

As I said at the start, I have always argued for Lennon and will again here, if he can get past an extremely hard game vs Hibs in the Scottish Cup at Easter road the treble treble is still on, there would be another month to the semi final and in that month the League is there to be won.

If Lenny can bring number 8 to Paradise and win an unprecedented 3rd straight Scottish Cup then he needs to be given his chance at becoming a legend, another Ulsterman spurned that opportunity, lets forget that man and the field of replacements as well, the gaffer we need is already at Paradise.