Onion Bears statement finishes with ACAB as their tifo pain goes viral

Image for Onion Bears statement finishes with ACAB as their tifo pain goes viral

Those of you who aren’t fluent in Ultras language may have missed it from the Onion bears statement, but after arriving with a tifo that was turned down they have turned on Spanish police for their lack of noise during the Europa League final.

1312 translates to ACAB, one being the first letter of the alphabet is A, three being the third is C and 2 being the second is B, it translates to All Cops Are Bastards.

The statement by the Bears talks about how their display was taken off them for having sticks that could be thought to be weapons, the fact is that historically they have revelled in violence and they cannot blame authorities for not trusting them.

Furthermore, the facts are that they stood silently half drunk and dazed bitching about water supplies until they scored.

They then sang until they conceded and weren’t heard of again.

If you sing We hate Catholics, everyone hates, Roman Catholics then don’t bitch when a few decide to chuck their shift and leave you licking puddles in the toilet.

The facts are that the Sevco support showed hee haw respect to the locals and got their comeuppance, they can howl all they want, their wee club had 75% of the briefs and were out sung, out performed and went home greeting.

Blame the police all you want, the fault lays with Scotland’s shame.

I assume the tifo for today’s game will feature the bamboo sticks, will be incredible if they are used to beat up their cousins at full time, just saying, seen them rage at an Edinburgh club after losing at Hampden before.

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