Overdue Treble is there for the taking.

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It is prudent of Brendan Rodgers not to talk up the treble, but lets be clear, its what we all desperately want.

Like many of you i was unable to function let alone talk after Muir and McClean robbed us vs Caley in the Cup Semi Final.

We were so close in Ronny Deila’s first season, i will forever hate them for this.


Getting knocked out of Europe, even being horsed 7-0 by the Barca doesn’t hurt as much.

Losing to better teams hurts, but dropping out of a Cup there for the taking is hell fire for the head for the entire off season.

To put it into perspective if you are 16 years old you have never celebrated a treble.

Since O’Neill’s magnificent team of 2001 we have been so close so many times, it is time to sweep the trophies and put Scottish football in the position the DR says it is in: one of absolute hopelessness beneath Celtic.

The analogies and paranoia of the last week from the press is astounding, from yesterdays man from Paisley to 17 year olds becoming the points of reference for possible transfers, they are lashing out like a mine flail.

Well good.

I want Scottish football broken as the Oldco did in the 90’s when like many of you, Celtic came to mean everything to me.

The Zombies have already had their Raith heartbreak, not in a Cup we play for but it was funny to watch anyway.

They have already gone their entire 4 and a half year history without a major title and they now know what its like to have to rebuild your stadium when the team across town is loaded.

Welcome to the mid 90’s Sevco.

We are currently on 100 trophies, the League is as good as 101.

The Scottish Cup represents an opportunity to go within a dozen trophies of the Shame.

Lets be clear, the deluded hold onto the Oldco’s achievements as if they are relevant.

Until we hit 115 they will howl like monkeys to Tina Turner.

But the facts are that if we win a few trebles in a few years and they will hear the footsteps of Ra Sellick like a Serengeti stampede on the marble stair case.

This can help kill them again.

Whilst their own trophy cabinet remains static and we continue our march, the Orc’s will see us coming closer and closer, we are not 20 adrift, we can be as close as 9 at the end of next year.

These Cups represent an opportunity to force the hands of The Rangers and i suggest this will compound their already dire position.

When we only pick up a trophy a year or if heaven forbid if they pick one up, they will remain secure in their little Lamb bubble whereby Barry McKay is better than KT and it’s all aboot the Ranjuurs.

With all the silverware in Paradise, it will be intolerable to their superiority complex.

This will drive them to spend more on mince instead of fixing Poundland or paying off going concerns.

Hypothesised at 4 million now, this can and will hopefully grow to an unsustainable level whereby Sir Minty Park will first be sold off and then literally wait for the roof to fall in on the asbestos filled home of the Institution.

Trebles are a precious dream, and one i long to experience again.

They are also a nightmare, those who remember arguably the worst week of my life in 2003 (outside of family deaths) know this well.

Remember the pain, the anguish, the disbelief?

Time to serve a plate of that up to Them.

And i will take of pint of tears of joy while they eat it.