Paddy Power pay out on Celtic to win the Premiership… AGAIN!

Paddy Power have again paid out on Celtic winning the League after watching Slippy G manage Sevco to a draw vs Aberdeen.

Sevco fans will no doubt rage at this with the Revolution itself already looking like a return to the Caixinha regime which made so many smile.

The announcement was somewhat delayed, taking a full 24 hours after Gerrard’s presser where he blamed all but himself and heaped praise on a team of divers.

Funnily enough he had the temerity to challenge the red card for petulant and violent conduct and complain there was no red card for a butterfly landing on Windass and throwing him to the floor.

I assume it is his attitude which has prompted this latest chapter of the banter years, if this will be how he acts, then pass the salt shakers, get the dugs and caravans ready and get comfy to enjoy the Sevco sitcom.

I hope this season takes an age, it has all the hallmarks of one for the ages.



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