Paddy Roberts must stay

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Yesterday i read a piece from James P. Forrest of The Celtic Blog about Patrick Roberts staying in Hoops. It lauded his skill and effort and called for his immediate signing on a full term contract basically at whatever price City ask.

Indycelts 100% endorses this view, if they want their 12 million back then they can have it.

They wont play him if he goes home and there is no point priming him for another club on another loan extension.

I believe if we were to spend big on him on him it would guarantee a 4 to 5 year contract.

In my opinion that would guarantee the 10 in row, the Shame will never find a gem like him in the next 40 years let alone the next 4.

Everyone will tell us that Moussa wont be about for ever, imagine we already had Roberts there to replace him and a year older, wiser and stronger at that.

I made a meme and thought i would do some straw polling, the results were incredible.

If you want to vote click on the image and go to facebook.

695 wanted him to stay on loan, 1251 or nearly double that number want him signed on a permanent contract.

Tellingly only 23 people voted against.

I put this through a calculator and the answer is 1.16% of Celtic fans want to see Paddy go.

Someone tag Brendan and give him the results!

I could write on and on about my admiration for Roberts, our need to be bullish in the transfer market or what this can do across town over the length of the contract.

If we spend 12 on Patrick, it will also inflate the transfer fees for KT and Moussa, clubs that buy at these numbers don’t sell their stars cheap, lets throw down a marker!

Everyone wants him to stay, the majority are willing to spend and out of all the Celtic pages and groups this was posted in there are only 23 Zombies trolling.

Paddy Roberts is one of our own, time to make an offer and to keep him as one of our own for years to come.