Palestinian flag to Poppy, the Record changes its tune on politics

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When Celtic fans had the temerity to wave Palestinian flags at Paradise we were howled at by the media for expressing sympathy with those who are bombed and are the living victims of war.

Now a few months on and the Poppy has been banned by Fifa as it is a political symbol.

Anyone who says it isn’t a political symbol will soon find themselves in an argument that may lead to a fight.

If that doesn’t prove it to be a political symbol then what will.

But the ever dutiful Daily Record, fresh from vowing this or that has come out in favour of the bloodstained with ex SFA chief Gordon Smith’s impassioned rant:

“Fifa are wrong. It’s a representation of honouring the people who fell in war.

“I don’t see how they can possibly think it’s a political thing. It’s casualties from all sides of war, so shouldn’t be upsetting anybody.”

“I understand Fifa’s stance on political statements but this simply isn’t the case here.”

They then went and dug up Craig Brown for his tuppence worth:

 “It’s not a unilateral issue — both teams have the utmost sympathy with Armistice Day. It’s a very sensitive issue for people across the UK.”

“I would’ve thought a bit of common sense and flexibility on the part of Fifa would allow it to happen.

“But they are notoriously inflexible — it’s typical Fifa.”

Now i tend to agree with the former National gaffer, Fifa are devoid of common sense, have you heard about the survival myth?But all of these quotes stand in direct contrast to the last time a political protocol was broken when Celtic fans waved the Palestinian flag.palestineIn this article there is not one quote from any of those who waved the flag or the reasons they did. It merely explains that rules are rules.

It is the ninth time in just five years Hoops supporters have landed their club in trouble with European football rulers.

UEFA forbid political expressions in football and the waving of the Palestinian standard is seen as especially provocative given the opposition.

Again the Poppy is reason to challenge the rules whilst the Palestinian flag is a reason to reinforce the rules.After all the patronising and pontificating from the SMSM over the Palestinian flag issue, they are now actually giving oxygen to those inciting the breaking of the rules.

Falklands veteran Simon Weston said the FA should risk a potential fine than sacrifice honouring ­British troops for a second time.

Simon says break the rules.

It never ceases to amaze me what sort of parallel universe we live with our neighbours, all these years later it is still one rule for us and another for them.

Remember 10 brave men instead.